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We have a fast moving selection of birds but we try to offer a good selection of quality young British bred birds.

    Canaries - yellow

    Canaries - red 

    Budgies - adult

    Budgies - baby

    Bengalese Finch

    Zebra Finch 

    Java Sparrows

    Cockatiels - grey

    Cockatiels - yellow

    Diamond Doves


    Love Birds

    Rosa Bourkes

    Red Rumps


    Parrots please enquire

    Cockatoos please enquire

The shop also has a good selection of cages, from finch cages to large parrot cages and indoor avairies.

Outdoor  aviaries can be supplied to your specification.


Snaith Road, Rawcliffe, Goole,

East Yorkshire DN14 9EU England.

Tel: 01405 839996

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