At Pets Pad we try to keep a good selection of captive bred young reptiles and insects, including all the accessories and a choice of vavariums.

We offer expert help and advice on the correct housing and feeding requirement for all our reptiles. All animals come with a 7 day guarantee and free animal care sheet.

We also stock live and frozen food.

Beaded Dragons

These rock dwelling species of a lizard make excellent pets as they are usually very docile and rarely bite and are easy to handle.

Beaded Dragon Care Sheet


The characteristics of changing their skin colour make them Chameleons one of the famous lizard family species.

Care Sheet available soon


We stock an assortment of Geckos from the popular Leopard Gecko, Bibron’s Gecko and Golden Geckos. Young and Adults.

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The most popular starter snake is the Corn snake which we stock in a variety of colours, babies and fully grown adults. Prices start from £50. We also stock

Corn Snake Care Sheet

Dessert Horny Devils

A popular Australian lizards that live in the Outback. The devils belong to the family Agamidae, also known as dragon lizards. Not only is the thorny devil one of the most unusual looking reptiles, it also has rather unusual eating and drinking habits.

Care Sheet available soon


We stock mainly Mediterranean Tortoises like the Hermanns, Spurred Thigh and Marginated tortoises..

Tortoise Care Sheet

Stick Insects

Relatively easy to keep and an ideal source of interest and study for  children.

We stock three species... Purvian, Pink Winged and Jamacian giant.

Stick Insect  Care Sheet

We also stock...

Sunglazer Lizards


Balloon Spiders

Red Claw Scorpians

Our stock changes everyday so please ring to check availability or if you are after a certain reptile.

01405 839996.

Videos and pictures are added every week of some of the new arrivals.

All our animals come with a 7 days guarantee, Free Care Sheet and our staff will give you expert advice on feeding, housing and care.


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