Videos and pictures are added every week of some of the new arrivals.

All our animals come with a 7 days guarantee, Free Care Sheet and our staff will give you expert advice on feeding, housing and care.

At Pets Pad we have a large luxury pet room containing large spacious cages, aviaries and pens and a good selection of happy healthy locally breed animals. We stock everything you will need for your pet.

All animals come with a 7 day guarantee and free animal care sheet.

We stock a large selection of hutches, outdoor runs, indoor and outdoor cages and all the accessories, food and treats your pet will need.


We stock a good selection of rabbits from 8 weeks old.

Our most popular selling rabbit is the Mini Lop and we try to have a good selection available most of the time.

We also sometimes stock Rex, Dutch, Netherland, French Lop and British Giants.

Rabbit Care Sheet

Guinea Pigs

We normally stock three basic types of guinea pig Smooth-haired, Abyssinian and Peruvian. We only sell in same sex pairs as Guinea Pigs like to live together.

Guinea Pig Care Sheet

Syrian Hamsters (Golden Hamster)

One of our best sellers as they make good family pets, we stock a variety of colours in short and long haired. Adult Syrian hamster like to live alone so only one hamster per cage. We stock a great range of  bright and funky hamster cages and tanks! 

Syrian Hamster Care Sheet

Dwarf Hamsters

These tiny hamster like to live in groups or pairs. We stock Russian, Chinese and Roborovski. They are very active and entertaining to watch. We sell tanks and cages made especially for these little hamster. 

Dwarf Hamster Care Sheet

Pet Rats

Rats make good family pets, they are intelligent and become really tame with regular handling. We only sell them in pairs as rats like to live in groups.
We have different colours available such as hooded, white, cinnamon and some times the curly coated.

Rat Care Sheet


Gerbils are curious and very active animals which makes them a very interesting pet. They are social animals and like to live in groups. We try to stock a range of different colours.

Gerbil Care Sheet

Fancy Mice

Mice come in over 50 different colours, long, short and curly coated. They like to live in groups, but same sex is very advisable or you could end up with hundreds! 

Mice Care Sheet


Degus are curious, active animals and make a chattering and warbling sound, they like to live in groups.

Degus Care Sheet

Skinny Pigs

We breed our own top quality Skinny Pigs and offer a few litters a year for sale.

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