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Snaith Road, Rawcliffe, Goole,

East Yorkshire DN14 9EU England.

Tel: 01405 839996

Pets Pad is a large independent family run Pet Shop in East Yorkshire. 
The company has been going since 1976 and the current shop opened in 1999.
We offers a fantastic range of products at competitive prices and our knowledgeable staff pride themselves on providing excellent help and advice.
We stock a vast range of animals, fish, birds and reptiles, plus all the accessories, housing, feed, toys etc.
We specialise in our own brand dog food with an excellent range from £1.99 for a 1.5kg bag, we have one to suit every dog and our prices will suit your pocket!
We also stock food, treats and other essentials for dogs, cats, aviary birds, horses, parrots, aquarium fish, pond fish (including koi), chickens, goats, lamas, rabbits, guinea pigs, wild birds, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, gerbils etc.
In addition to our massive stock, we also have access to a vast range of products and are happy to supply special orders.
Browsers & Shoppers Welcome
We welcome all visitors to our shop which is open every day and is only 5 minutes from the M62 and M18.

We have a large free car park and carry to car service.
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